What is the “Instant Memories Photobooth”?

One of DCPG’s hottest services is our one-of-a-kind  live photobooth.   A recent trend in weddings are old-school photobooths, but DCPG modernizes the concept.   By incorporating DSLR’s and photo printers along with real studio lighting and actual staff operating it, not only will the photos look better but you have more room for bigger parties.   We have literally had groups of 20 in our booth – those “vintage” poorly lit photobooths that can only fit 3 people got nothing on DCPG! Plus, the fact that we’re there with you makes the whole process more fun and interactive.  We love doing the photobooth and encourage as much craziness as possible – it makes for better photos!

Pricing is very simple;  one price for standalone service, or a discounted price if you are adding the photobooth onto a wedding/event package from DCPG:

  • Standalone Service (no Event Coverage) $900*
  • Add-on to Wedding or Event Coverage $600*

*These prices are for weddings in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area only.  We do travel beyond the region (and state), but will add on the cost of transportation and lodging.  Contact DCPG for a quote!

Both prices include:

  • Photobooth services at Reception, starting after dinner
  • Souvenir Scrapbook given at the end of the reception
  • 2-3 Photobooth Staff
  • Up to 200 prints ($50 per additional 100 prints)
  • Secure, online viewing & ability to purchase photos for 30 days ($10 per additional month)
  • Free viewing and downloading of web-res photobooth strips for 30 days on Facebook
  • Guaranteed awesome time!

Frequently Asked Questions & Sample Photos

What are your venue requirements?

  • At least 10×10 ft dedicated pace
  • At least one 5 or 6 ft long table (for our equipment and workspace)
  • 2 chairs
  • One round bartop-height table (for the guestbook)
  • Must be located near power outlet
  • Not required, but we’d love you forever if we could get:  Curtains/Dividers and Wireless Internet Access

This is what our photobooth setup generally looks like.  We don’t always have those curtains – that was provided by the venue.    The small crowd standing to the left is where people sign the scrapbook.   Mendell is our tech guru and he normally is the “captain” of running the booth:


Where will you set the booth up?

We have run the booth both inside the main reception area and also outside the cocktail area and we have to say we LOVED being inside with the main reception.  More people saw it and participated and we didn’t feel so cut off.   If you keep us toward the back, it won’t be distracting to the events of the reception.

What kinds of backdrops can I have?

You will have a choice of 3 backdrops – black, white, or black/grey floral (aka the “Malaya” backdrop).   Or if you have a cool fabric/sheet/backdrop you want us to use, we’re all for it!


What does the photobooth printout actually look like?

We print 2 duplicate “strips” on 4×6 sized photo paper, so it comes out looking like this:

After it has printed, we cut it in half – your guest keeps one and pastes the other into a scrapbook w/ a personal handwritten message.   Here are what cut versions look like.  We also hand out envelopes w/ our logo and business card inside for people to carry their prints in:


When do I get my scrapbook and digital files?  How do our guests get to purchase additional prints?

We will give you the scrapbook at the end of the night so you can enjoy it right away – instant memories! Your DVD of low-res digital files will be mailed to you a few weeks after you wedding.    As a bonus, we also upload web jpegs of the strips on DCPG’s Facebook page for your guests to view and download for free.

About a week or so after your wedding, we will post the original photos (in the non-strip form) on our proofing partner, Collages.net.  Here, your guests will be able to view and directly purchase a variety of digital files, print sizes and other products for 30 days.   At your wedding, we give your guests the opportunity to leave us their email addresses so we can notify them when prints are available for purchase.    Here are some guests of a recent wedding signing up for email notifications as they pick up their prints:


And these are detail shots of what a signed scrapbook looks like.   We’re actually upgrading the albums to something MUCH nicer and we’ll post pics once we do that:

Contact DCPG today at services@dc-pg.com to book a photobooth for your wedding! Your guests will love you!