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I recently “remixed” Courtney and Cameron’s slideshow to incorporate music graciously donated by Bay McLaughlin, whom you will see in their wedding photos tickling the ivories.  This super deluxe version of the slideshow is about 9 minutes long, but well worth it – you can enjoy the photos at a languid pace and listen to some beautiful original music at the same time.  Incidentally, the song we are using is the composition that Bay actually played for Cameron and Courtney’s first dance.

Support independent artists and buy his CD,  What Is and Will Be.  I recommend CD Baby or Diggstation if you insist on digital.

Also, I’m spoiled with my fast computer and fiber optic internet connection, so if the slideshow is taking forever to load or is choppy, click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass w/ a minus sign.  It will then display a smaller, low resolution version that is more friendly to slower connections.  In either case, give it a minute to load when you press play because its a long song plus about 130 photos.

– Ciesther