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Brian and Monika rock our socks off – talk about your dream clients!

[as my bro Z would say, “No, really.  Let’s talk about it!”]

Everything about their wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.   The weather, the decor, the couple, everything! We were  honored that Brian and Monika trusted us completely and let us do our thing.   The Hermitage Museum was a gorgeous venue for an outdoor wedding;  we could have stayed there all day.  It was a 100 year old house with great landscaping and gardens to shoot against.   Later, we also loved the contrast of going from the classical gardens of the Hermitage to the sleek, modern architecture of the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach for their reception.    Seriously, wedding photographer heaven.


How cute are these two?


They were so fun and let us take a good hour for their portraits:

IMG_9313 edited

With all three of us shooting, we got a ridiculous amount of images we liked, so instead of our usual 5 photo post, we  made a mini-slideshow.  I will shut up now and let you bask in Brian & Monika’s magnificence:

They sent us this lovely email post-wedding:

Hey Guys,

We just wanted to extend a HUGE thanks for all your hard work in helping to make our special day that much more special. You guys have WOWed us from your timeliness, professionalism, friendliness and the shear awesomeness of your collective talents. Basically, you guys rock on all accounts.

Everyone has been thoroughly impressed with you and we thought you should know. We’ll definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone [and actually we’ve already been pushing you for a friend’s spring wedding :)].

So thanks again for everything that you do, and we look forward to working with you moving forward.

Awesome couple, awesome wedding.   We love our job!

– Cies


Quick post and then we’ll be pretty quiet for the rest of the week settling some home/family stuff!

Mendell and I had the pleasure of running our photobooth at Anna and Darius’ wedding reception at the Virginia Beach Resort & Conference Center.   There wasn’t a lot of room, so we set up in the entryway and I’m pretty sure the waitstaff was totally hating us because the photobooth mobs were constantly in their path to the kitchen haha.   I liked our spot though, as we found a cool blue wall w/ polka dots that made a nice backdrop (and saved us from having to set ours up!)

Per usual, we had a lot of fun! The photobooth is always a huge hit at wedding receptions and we get to talk and interact with everyone – as opposed to shooting the event where we’d have to stay unseen and out of the way.  It’s a nice change of pace, really.  Anna’s brother Leo surprised them by buying our photobooth service for them and they and their guests loved it.    Congrats you two and call us when the bebe is born! 🙂

For more photobooth pics from this wedding, visit DCPG’s facebook page:

Leo, his lovely gf Kechelle and the happy bride and groom (+1 in the belly!):





In an effort to blog more frequently, we are going to start posting articles other than recent jobs.   We have worked with some amazing people in our industry and I just want to take the time to highlight one of them.

Human Story Films is based out of Richmond, VA and they have an amazing storytelling sensibility to their films; weaving in wedding highlights with interviews from the couple and their loved ones.     This seamless blending of footage and narrative creates a very engaging, personal and heartfelt wedding day story.

Bill Gaff, Human Story’s chief filmmaker, along with his crew shot Winston and Hazel’s wedding with us back in August and he recently sent us a copy of their wedding DVD.  We watched it and were blown away by the style and quality.   I actually watched it twice haha – definitely a rarity with me and wedding videos.

He was nice enough to add these  kind words to us:

“It was a pleasure working with you guys.  [It’s] clear that you put as much energy into making it a nice experience as you do into the artistic part. Both are outstanding.”

Bill was voted one of the 25 Hottest and Most Influential Event Videographers in the World by the readers of EventDV Magazine and also had a wedding (and really nice write-up) featured on the chic bride site,

If you’re looking for something unique, something truly historical and personal for your wedding day, give Human Story a call.  You won’t be disappointed.

– Cies

Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt this week.  New Years day til January 7th was spent shooting AND editing photos for 21 – yes, 21! – Hampton Roads area restaurants for an up-and-coming local mag called Taste.  We also knew we had to end the week by shooting our first 2009 wedding.  Weddings are notoriously long and tiring, so we were a little apprehensive.  However, Janelle + Gerard’s ended up being one of our favorite weddings ever.  They had all the elements of a great wedding – funny/friendly/party people, a beautiful setting at the new TownCenter Westin, open bar and the debauchery that follows, DCPG photobooth shenanigans, and most importantly, a really great couple who are crazy in love.   Needless to say, we had a LOT of fun and got lots of great photos.  Big thanks to Janelle + Gerard, Marivic for her mad wedding-planning skills, Pat & Phil for the always awesome DJ’ing and, of course, Emer for helping us out and hanging out w/ us after his “shift” was over.

We got tons of photos of this little guy – super photogenic:


Here’s Marivic and her crazy self:



The beautiful bride:


First dance:


Cute moment walking to the elevator at the end of the night:


I know some people are looking for photobooth pics – rest assured, I’m working on that.  I’ll try to get those up ASAP.  Keep checking our Facebook and also our Photobooth page on our official site.

It’s almost 4:30am, so I will end this here.  Hope everyone’s 2009 is going great so far!

– Cies

Before I get into my post, if anyone is reading this today and you haven’t done so:  VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


I am REALLY behind on these blog posts, so bear with me.  You’ll probably see a bunch spring up out of nowhere over the next few days.

One of the great things about being in the same demographic as many of our clients is that we get to photograph the weddings of people we know personally.   I have known Veronica since middle school and was very honored that they chose DCPG to be a part of her and Dionne’s beautiful wedding.   The happy couple officially tied the knot over in California (kudos on that, CA Supreme Court!) earlier this year, but wanted a hometown celebration.

What I loved most about their wedding was how personal and non-traditional every single aspect was:  the legions of family and friends doing setup/cleanup/decor, the guest-provided potluck dinner (which, btw, was ridiculously delicious) instead of catering, having V and D’s dog Heinz as part of the wedding party,  the sweet matching Chucks and gradient barongs,  and of course the many many heartfelt speeches given during the toast.  Looking at the below pics, you’d never guess it was extremely cold and blustery outside – the sheer amount of love and warmth between the happy couple and their loved ones made the weather that much more bearable 🙂

We also got to run our super fun Instant Memories photobooth, which was a big hit.   Emer Lunasin, whom DCPG always hearts, was the DJ & emcee.  I believe P&P did the videography – they were super nice and very sharp dressers 🙂 I’d also like to give a huge thanks to Leo Luong for being the 3rd shooter in my absence and Rina for helping Mendell and I run the craziness that is the photobooth.  Veronica + Dionne were really sweet, laid back clients who told us that they trusted our work and all they really wanted was a good jumping shot.  Can’t beat that!  Here are the nice words they sent us post-wedding:

We cannot say thank you enough.  We hope you all had just as much fun as we did despite the subzero wind.  My friends are still talking about it.  We’re still glowing.

The guest book was amazing, funny, and heart felt.  You guys were crazy fun.
I’m referring DCPG to everyone I come across.
That is it for today, kids.  Congrats again to Dionne + Veronica!! Much love and blessings to you both!

– Cies

If you were at the Klein wedding and are interested in viewing and/or possibly purchasing some prints from the DCPG Photobooth, email me at dcphotographics[at]gmail[dot]com! I’ll send you the link. The site contains both the strips and the full, original photos.

You can also view the strips only on our Myspace! (You’ll have to add us first, though)

We are definitely making the photobooth an add-on to weddings and have christened it “Instant Memories Photobooth.”  Why our photobooth and not just renting another one of those scrapbook/photobooths?  For one thing, it’s not really a “booth”, more like a mobile studio setup so 1) it’s using a pro camera and lens, manned by an actual photographer 2) because there’s no walls, you can fit a LOT of people 3) we even custom design the graphics on your photostrips.  Here’s the groom + entourage and their sweet-ass tuxedo shirts:

And in random news, you can further stalk DCPG on our new Twitter page:

We’re also on Facebook!

We took a “sabbatical” from weddings this year, but we made an exception for some very good friends of ours, Winston + Hazel. Mendell and Lester lived around the corner from Winston since they were little kids and I graduated with him, so it was more like a huge party/reunion. These two have actually been dating since 1998, so to (finally!!) see them walk down the aisle was already special and the fact that they hired us to document it made it even more of an honor. They were dream clients – even if we didn’t know them, I’m sure they still would have been as easy to work with. This weekend reminded us why we loved shooting weddings and now we’re stoked to get back into it.

Their ceremony was so beautiful – it was right by the water, the weather was perfect and they commissioned one of their best friends to officiate, which made it so much more personal and heartfelt. The venue, Celebrations at the Reservoir, was the definition of picture-perfect. I would have loved to have gotten more portraits of the newlyweds in such a lush setting, but we could tell they were uber-excited to start partying with their loved ones and we were already behind schedule, so we tried to make the post-ceremony photos quick and painless.

For their wedding present, we rigged up our own DCPG photobooth and had people paste their photos into a scrapbook and write a message. It was SO fun (albeit pretty chaotic) and a huge hit with the guests, so we are definitely going to make it an add-on to our core wedding services. Here’s a quick sample of the scrapbook:

We also had the pleasure of working with some great vendors! Like I mentioned earlier, the wedding was held at a gorgeous outdoor venue in Moseley called Celebrations at the Reservoir. Angela was the on-site coordinator and she was so cheerful and honestly the most chill wedding coordinator I’ve ever seen; I never saw her frantic at all. The documentary videography was done by Human Story Films. Bill and his crew were very nice, easygoing and I can’t wait to see the finished film. The DJ/Emcee was one of my favorite DJ’s and people ever, Emer Lunasin of Variety Events/ShowBride. We love Emer! I’ve actually worked with him both in weddings and doing Filipino-American community work and he brings so much enthusiasm to the table.

[Addendum: Bill posted a blog containing the wedding film trailer and it’s AWESOME. Great editing and you’ll catch glimpses of Lester and I running around shooting too.]

We were able to wrangle almost all of the vendors (except for Angela! Sorry, Angela!) for the final photobooth pic of the night. I look like an idiot because I blinked, but everyone else looks great, so here’s the awesome vendor team:

The wedding was on Sunday, we just traveled back to Va Beach today and needless to say, I’m pretty wiped out.  Not only will we be getting Winston and Hazel’s slideshow together in time for their 2nd reception later this week (Filipinos have millions of family and friends, what can I say?) but Mendell and I’s daughter starts preschool on Wednesday.  Busy week, busy life, but we love it!

So congrats, love and many blessings to Winston + Hazel and thanks again to the wonderful vendors we got to work with! Til next time…

– Cies

So we’re totally stoked because we FINALLY have a real website up and running with all our photography goodness. We will probably create a separate site for design and commercial work, but for now, go here:

Tell your friends!

Love, DCPG

I recently “remixed” Courtney and Cameron’s slideshow to incorporate music graciously donated by Bay McLaughlin, whom you will see in their wedding photos tickling the ivories.  This super deluxe version of the slideshow is about 9 minutes long, but well worth it – you can enjoy the photos at a languid pace and listen to some beautiful original music at the same time.  Incidentally, the song we are using is the composition that Bay actually played for Cameron and Courtney’s first dance.

Support independent artists and buy his CD,  What Is and Will Be.  I recommend CD Baby or Diggstation if you insist on digital.

Also, I’m spoiled with my fast computer and fiber optic internet connection, so if the slideshow is taking forever to load or is choppy, click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass w/ a minus sign.  It will then display a smaller, low resolution version that is more friendly to slower connections.  In either case, give it a minute to load when you press play because its a long song plus about 130 photos.

– Ciesther

I usually don’t post so many photos on the blog of one wedding, but there were just too many good ones.   I was unfortunately unable to attend, but Courtney and Cameron look great, the wedding/reception really looked like a fun time and to top it off they were blessed with a break from the heatwave.

Courtney sent us a very sweet message a few days post-wedding:

“…What a wonderful time we had this weekend and truly appreciate your hard work! We enjoyed having you as a part of our wedding celebration and can’t wait to see the photos. Everyone was very impressed with you and my mom commented on how great it was to work with you all. If I can do anything to help spread the word about DCPG, please let me know!

Thanks again for everything –

All photos by Lester and Mendell:

In a stroke of bad luck, Mendell and Lester found this surprise waiting for them when they returned to the car that evening.  A guest later told them the ball whizzed by her head (presumably en route to striking our windshield).  If anything, we’re glad the ball hit the car and not the wedding guest!  Our line of work is always an adventure 🙂