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Quick post and then we’ll be pretty quiet for the rest of the week settling some home/family stuff!

Mendell and I had the pleasure of running our photobooth at Anna and Darius’ wedding reception at the Virginia Beach Resort & Conference Center.   There wasn’t a lot of room, so we set up in the entryway and I’m pretty sure the waitstaff was totally hating us because the photobooth mobs were constantly in their path to the kitchen haha.   I liked our spot though, as we found a cool blue wall w/ polka dots that made a nice backdrop (and saved us from having to set ours up!)

Per usual, we had a lot of fun! The photobooth is always a huge hit at wedding receptions and we get to talk and interact with everyone – as opposed to shooting the event where we’d have to stay unseen and out of the way.  It’s a nice change of pace, really.  Anna’s brother Leo surprised them by buying our photobooth service for them and they and their guests loved it.    Congrats you two and call us when the bebe is born! 🙂

For more photobooth pics from this wedding, visit DCPG’s facebook page:

Leo, his lovely gf Kechelle and the happy bride and groom (+1 in the belly!):