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One of the ironic things about us being photographers is that we rarely take photos of ourselves. Mendell and I have been married for five years, but I think we’ve done family photos maybe one other time. So this year, since DCPG had an arsenal of very elegant holiday card designs at our disposal, I was determined to finally send out family Christmas cards this year.

We went into our little rental studio Thursday night and Lester did the honors of photographing us. I hate seeing pics of myself, but I really like these photos and I love the card design. If you haven’t had a DCPG shoot + holiday card, please consider it for next year (or a super late card for this year haha)! I put ours up on facebook and have gotten so many compliments on how unique, beautiful and creative it is. We have several designs to choose from and we’re always adding new ones. Contact me if you’d like to see samples!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season! Peace, love and blessings to you all!

– Cies

[These are getting printed on a 5×7 folded card…I’ll post up pics when they get in from our printer!]



Inside Spread:





Before I get into my post, if anyone is reading this today and you haven’t done so:  VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


I am REALLY behind on these blog posts, so bear with me.  You’ll probably see a bunch spring up out of nowhere over the next few days.

One of the great things about being in the same demographic as many of our clients is that we get to photograph the weddings of people we know personally.   I have known Veronica since middle school and was very honored that they chose DCPG to be a part of her and Dionne’s beautiful wedding.   The happy couple officially tied the knot over in California (kudos on that, CA Supreme Court!) earlier this year, but wanted a hometown celebration.

What I loved most about their wedding was how personal and non-traditional every single aspect was:  the legions of family and friends doing setup/cleanup/decor, the guest-provided potluck dinner (which, btw, was ridiculously delicious) instead of catering, having V and D’s dog Heinz as part of the wedding party,  the sweet matching Chucks and gradient barongs,  and of course the many many heartfelt speeches given during the toast.  Looking at the below pics, you’d never guess it was extremely cold and blustery outside – the sheer amount of love and warmth between the happy couple and their loved ones made the weather that much more bearable 🙂

We also got to run our super fun Instant Memories photobooth, which was a big hit.   Emer Lunasin, whom DCPG always hearts, was the DJ & emcee.  I believe P&P did the videography – they were super nice and very sharp dressers 🙂 I’d also like to give a huge thanks to Leo Luong for being the 3rd shooter in my absence and Rina for helping Mendell and I run the craziness that is the photobooth.  Veronica + Dionne were really sweet, laid back clients who told us that they trusted our work and all they really wanted was a good jumping shot.  Can’t beat that!  Here are the nice words they sent us post-wedding:

We cannot say thank you enough.  We hope you all had just as much fun as we did despite the subzero wind.  My friends are still talking about it.  We’re still glowing.

The guest book was amazing, funny, and heart felt.  You guys were crazy fun.
I’m referring DCPG to everyone I come across.
That is it for today, kids.  Congrats again to Dionne + Veronica!! Much love and blessings to you both!

– Cies

DCPG got a visual shoutout in HappySlip’s latest vid. I heart the promo and also the fact that it was a video full of random factoids. We’re huge nerds at DCPG, so we love that stuff!Abus
[25 seconds in…]

Back in April, I did a photoshoot which included a composite “family” photo of all her related characters.

The photo was a hit w/ fans and she gives away prints as prizes and it even spawned an awesome caricature cartoon that I love:

If you’ve never watched a HappySlip video, go do that right now or this post won’t make any sense! If you are a fan, be on the lookout for a part 2 Christine photoshoot!

And to Christine….THANK YOU! 🙂

– Cies

I usually don’t post so many photos on the blog of one wedding, but there were just too many good ones.   I was unfortunately unable to attend, but Courtney and Cameron look great, the wedding/reception really looked like a fun time and to top it off they were blessed with a break from the heatwave.

Courtney sent us a very sweet message a few days post-wedding:

“…What a wonderful time we had this weekend and truly appreciate your hard work! We enjoyed having you as a part of our wedding celebration and can’t wait to see the photos. Everyone was very impressed with you and my mom commented on how great it was to work with you all. If I can do anything to help spread the word about DCPG, please let me know!

Thanks again for everything –

All photos by Lester and Mendell:

In a stroke of bad luck, Mendell and Lester found this surprise waiting for them when they returned to the car that evening.  A guest later told them the ball whizzed by her head (presumably en route to striking our windshield).  If anything, we’re glad the ball hit the car and not the wedding guest!  Our line of work is always an adventure 🙂

Mendell recently designed a logo and sponsorship brochure for the upcoming Pink Tie Gala, and Luanne (a super nice person and my point of contact) sent me this email after we sent them the final design:

I meant to tell you: I have a very very good friend, breast cancer survivor, very active in Relay for Life and Komen in DC area. I sent this to her yesterday. She just called, in tears. She may come BECAUSE (and tell your husband!) the graphics just “popped” off the page and made her WANT to come!

That was literally the nicest compliment we’ve ever gotten. It was a good reality check for us – a compliment like this reminded me that no matter how seemingly benign or commercial the assignment is (a brochure!), it still can have a positive emotional impact. I love what we do!

– Cies