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the DCPG 3

Nice to meet you.
(From L to R: Mendell, Lester, Ciesther)

DCPG is most definitely a family business – Mendell and I (Ciesther) are married and Lester is Mendell’s brother. We are geeks and digital artists – not only for graphic design, but also for photography. We have souped up PC’s that Mendell & Lester built with their own hands and we utilize the latest design and productivity software. We use Canon DSLR’s in the field to capture images and love Photoshop as a digital darkroom to add an artistic edge to our photographs.

Mendell brings over 10 years of self-taught graphic design, photography and project management experience to the table. His style is seen all over our design portfolio – clean lines, function + form working together, and above all a superb knack for being able to convey the client’s personality or mission through design. He is as strong of a photographer as he is designer, creating great portraits and capturing fleeting emotional moments at events. He’s also our head ubergeek and R&D department; always evangelizing the latest software, website or gadget that he fell in love with and going the extra mile with tech support for our clients. Mendell’s the kind of guy who goes to our client’s house for a marketing collateral meeting and ends up staying an extra 3 hours troubleshooting and fixing their PC issues (just ask Marc and Anne of Come to the Feast!).

Mendell’s Portfolio Site

Lester is an ODU alumni, graduating with a degree in Graphic Design. Excellent, clean design skills run in the family, with his style bearing a similar quality and effectiveness as his brother. Lester initially took up photography as a hobby secondary to design, but his immense talent and passion as a photographic artist soon emerged. Currently, he is equally adept at many genres of photography but specializes in car and product photography, fine art landscapes and architectural photography. He uses his design and photography skills in designing most of our storybook albums for weddings. Lester’s also the man to go to if you’re looking to buy or sell literally anything on the internet or want to learn cool Photoshop actions. He recently got engaged to his awesome fiancee, Arlyn!

Lester’s Portfolio Site

I am Ciesther – the mostly behind-the-scenes business manager and sometime photographer. Years of slaving away in Corporate America in various administrative positions paid off for DCPG, as I brought my nerdy love of bookkeeping and financial and procedural management skills into the fold. In my first year at DCPG, I picked up a camera for fun and turned out I loved it as much as the boys did. Now, I specialize in portraiture, assisting on events and portrait shoots as well as shooting my own assignments. I also act as director and photographer for our glam/makeover/boudoir division, Malaya by DCPG as well as director for our Paperie division. I have literally no free time (or sleep for that matter) between DCPG, my daughter, being a working musician (bassist, singer/songwriter), selling home baked goods, etc but to me there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and doing what I love with the people I love.

My Flickr Site
Malaya by DCPG


We are fortunate to be surrounded by MANY talented friends who lend us a hand now and then. You may see some of them on photography jobs or some will stay behind the scenes doing coding or design work. The reason we “rebranded” from DelaCruz PhotoGraphics to just DCPG was to give credit to the non-DelaCruz’s who were instrumental in building our company:

Analynn Valencia – designer
Paola Nerbes – photographer/designer
Sonya Paclob – photographer
Glenn Fajota – photographer/designer
Zernan Garcia – photographer
Czarina Parrilla – Malaya style and creative direction
Neleh Sawsiengmongkol – photographer
Leo Luong Photographics – photographer

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