I have been meaning to post some before and after examples for a really long time because one of the main things that separates DCPG from other photographers is our post-processing (aka editing, retouching, and yes, “photoshopping”).   Don’t get me wrong, we do not believe that Photoshop can “save” a bad photo or is a substitute for fundamental photography skills, but we do know that it can make a huge difference.    We know full well we could just shoot-to-burn and make tons of money that way; it works just fine for lots of photographers.   DCPG sees the art in what we do and treat each individual photo as such –  this love and attention before, during and after we take a photograph is what our clients pay for.  

Over the years, we have run into a little bit of resistance.  Some people want photos straight from the camera to save time.   Others wonder why our prints and products are more expensive than say, Wal-Mart or Picture People.   True, there is no cheap, same day, in-and-out service with DCPG.   However, what you sacrifice in so-called convenience is worth it to get a one of a kind piece.   Anyone who owns a small business, has a family or is getting married will tell you how central it is to their lives.    We respect and revere that by making sure that the final product beautifully displays your vision, your love and your history.  Your reflection, our artistry.

Long story short, we are going to break our long-standing rule of never posting unedited images just to show you the DCPG difference.   Here is a sampling of unedited photos and their finished counterparts:


More “before and afters” can be found on our Facebook page!

In other news, we will be releasing a Mother’s Day promo soon.  Stay tuned…