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How did I not blog this yet?? Yikes! / Taste Magazine, a new local website + quarterly themed magazine (first theme being food, obviously), launched on the 16th! DCPG worked extremely hard on this first issue – we photographed and edited shots of food, chefs, details and interiors for 21 local restaurants all in about 5 days.  We were exhausted beyond belief, but seeing our photos in gorgeous print and covering a good 90% of the magazine was amazing.  It was also really cool to experience all these restaurants that we’d either not heard of or never thought to try out.  Big big thanks to Hannah and Allison, the editors/owners of SevenCities and all the restaurants/chefs/owners who graciously welcomed us! Definitely check out the website, but please, also pick up a copy of Taste – it’s beautiful!

The launch at Big Easy was packed, but fun.   Here’s DCPG enjoying the fru-its of our labor:

Also, be sure to check out Restaurant Week!! Our personal faves (from being heffers and eating most of the food we shot) were the Boot, Rajput, Imperio Inca, Shula’s, and Eurasia.

Here’s our cover image, shot by Lester.  This yummy looking steak was from the ultra luxurious Byrd & Baldwin Bros.  in downtown Norfolk:


A few outtakes and faves —

Some delicious looking steak also from Byrd & Baldwin:


The beautiful dining and bar area of Terrapin, near the Oceanfront.   This was my favorite restaurant interior design.  Very simple, but well done:


Chef Willie Moats of the Big Easy on Tazwell:


Bar area at the Big Easy.  How awesome is that floor? Also, note the cameo appearance of SevenCities editor, Allison Hurwitz, working hard in the background:


Taste’s preview/advertising guide making a guest appearance at the Terrapin staff line-up:


Josh and Dave (formerly of Relative Theory Records), who own and run the Boot – great restaurant and great venue:


All this restaurant work plus the hotels that Mendell shoots has inspired me to start plans for a new DCPG website devoted to our commercial work.   Keep an eye out for that!  Speaking of new websites, if you haven’t visited our glam/boudoir/makeover division at, please check it out!

Cheers to a new magazine, new president and a new year!

– Cies


Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt this week.  New Years day til January 7th was spent shooting AND editing photos for 21 – yes, 21! – Hampton Roads area restaurants for an up-and-coming local mag called Taste.  We also knew we had to end the week by shooting our first 2009 wedding.  Weddings are notoriously long and tiring, so we were a little apprehensive.  However, Janelle + Gerard’s ended up being one of our favorite weddings ever.  They had all the elements of a great wedding – funny/friendly/party people, a beautiful setting at the new TownCenter Westin, open bar and the debauchery that follows, DCPG photobooth shenanigans, and most importantly, a really great couple who are crazy in love.   Needless to say, we had a LOT of fun and got lots of great photos.  Big thanks to Janelle + Gerard, Marivic for her mad wedding-planning skills, Pat & Phil for the always awesome DJ’ing and, of course, Emer for helping us out and hanging out w/ us after his “shift” was over.

We got tons of photos of this little guy – super photogenic:


Here’s Marivic and her crazy self:



The beautiful bride:


First dance:


Cute moment walking to the elevator at the end of the night:


I know some people are looking for photobooth pics – rest assured, I’m working on that.  I’ll try to get those up ASAP.  Keep checking our Facebook and also our Photobooth page on our official site.

It’s almost 4:30am, so I will end this here.  Hope everyone’s 2009 is going great so far!

– Cies

We’re dorks, but I had to post this. We’ve been shooting some awesome local restaurants for Magazine’s coverage on the upcoming Restaurant Week and today we photographed a really great Peruvian place called Imperio Inca in Norfolk. At the end of the session, when we were busy devouring all the plates we just shot, Carlos the owner showed us this crazy huge ear of corn that you can get imported from Peru:


It might be hard to tell from the photo, but the kernels were probably 3/4 inches wide.   It was delicious, though, as was the rest of the food.  Try the ceviche!!!

Anyway, right now we’re under a super tight print deadline and have a bunch of restaurants to go, so you won’t be hearing much from us.  I’ll try to post some cool shots when I can.  Hope you all had a happy new year!

– Cies