If you were at the Klein wedding and are interested in viewing and/or possibly purchasing some prints from the DCPG Photobooth, email me at dcphotographics[at]gmail[dot]com! I’ll send you the link. The site contains both the strips and the full, original photos.

You can also view the strips only on our Myspace! (You’ll have to add us first, though)


We are definitely making the photobooth an add-on to weddings and have christened it “Instant Memories Photobooth.”  Why our photobooth and not just renting another one of those scrapbook/photobooths?  For one thing, it’s not really a “booth”, more like a mobile studio setup so 1) it’s using a pro camera and lens, manned by an actual photographer 2) because there’s no walls, you can fit a LOT of people 3) we even custom design the graphics on your photostrips.  Here’s the groom + entourage and their sweet-ass tuxedo shirts:

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