We took a “sabbatical” from weddings this year, but we made an exception for some very good friends of ours, Winston + Hazel. Mendell and Lester lived around the corner from Winston since they were little kids and I graduated with him, so it was more like a huge party/reunion. These two have actually been dating since 1998, so to (finally!!) see them walk down the aisle was already special and the fact that they hired us to document it made it even more of an honor. They were dream clients – even if we didn’t know them, I’m sure they still would have been as easy to work with. This weekend reminded us why we loved shooting weddings and now we’re stoked to get back into it.

Their ceremony was so beautiful – it was right by the water, the weather was perfect and they commissioned one of their best friends to officiate, which made it so much more personal and heartfelt. The venue, Celebrations at the Reservoir, was the definition of picture-perfect. I would have loved to have gotten more portraits of the newlyweds in such a lush setting, but we could tell they were uber-excited to start partying with their loved ones and we were already behind schedule, so we tried to make the post-ceremony photos quick and painless.

For their wedding present, we rigged up our own DCPG photobooth and had people paste their photos into a scrapbook and write a message. It was SO fun (albeit pretty chaotic) and a huge hit with the guests, so we are definitely going to make it an add-on to our core wedding services. Here’s a quick sample of the scrapbook:

We also had the pleasure of working with some great vendors! Like I mentioned earlier, the wedding was held at a gorgeous outdoor venue in Moseley called Celebrations at the Reservoir. Angela was the on-site coordinator and she was so cheerful and honestly the most chill wedding coordinator I’ve ever seen; I never saw her frantic at all. The documentary videography was done by Human Story Films. Bill and his crew were very nice, easygoing and I can’t wait to see the finished film. The DJ/Emcee was one of my favorite DJ’s and people ever, Emer Lunasin of Variety Events/ShowBride. We love Emer! I’ve actually worked with him both in weddings and doing Filipino-American community work and he brings so much enthusiasm to the table.

[Addendum: Bill posted a blog containing the wedding film trailer and it’s AWESOME. Great editing and you’ll catch glimpses of Lester and I running around shooting too.]

We were able to wrangle almost all of the vendors (except for Angela! Sorry, Angela!) for the final photobooth pic of the night. I look like an idiot because I blinked, but everyone else looks great, so here’s the awesome vendor team:

The wedding was on Sunday, we just traveled back to Va Beach today and needless to say, I’m pretty wiped out.  Not only will we be getting Winston and Hazel’s slideshow together in time for their 2nd reception later this week (Filipinos have millions of family and friends, what can I say?) but Mendell and I’s daughter starts preschool on Wednesday.  Busy week, busy life, but we love it!

So congrats, love and many blessings to Winston + Hazel and thanks again to the wonderful vendors we got to work with! Til next time…

– Cies