It’s literally raining babies from our clients and friends. Just wanted to do a quick shoutout to all the new and to-be parents!

Jared + Susie, congrats on brand new baby Anna! She’s beautiful and what great timing to have her born right after Mothers Day!

Ritchelle + Beaver, congrats on Ella Rae! I love that name and what a perfect addition to spend your first anniversary with 🙂

Virginia + Justin, I’m soo excited to see that my little Virginia will become a mom! Good job on not wasting any time after the wedding….hehehe. You two will make wonderful parents.

Jaydee + Brian, congrats in advance for baby Noah’s baptism this weekend! We love our DCPG nephew!!!

Belated congrats to MJ + Arnold on baby Maddie who recently turned 9 months old!

The babymaking doesnt end on the east coast. Got to give love to my Seattle girls:

Malyng + Marv – congrats on #3, fertile myrtles! Marlee is such a cute girls name.
Leo, Leila and Aileen + spouses – that is soo hilarious that you all got pregnant at the same time! Playdates definitely won’t be an issue haha. Enjoy your babies this late summer/fall!

Speaking of babies, Mendell, Rina and I will be attending Sandy Puc’ Bellies & Babies seminar later this month at the Westin BWI, which, incidentally, is the same hotel that houses Luminous – the restaurant that Mendell designed a website for. I’m really looking forward to that as I definitely want to expand into maternity and newborn photography.

On a semi-related note (well at least wedding-wise), we didn’t mention it in previous blogs, but I want to give some love to my DCPG partner and bro-in-law Lester who recently became engaged to his awesome girl, nurse extraordinaire and DCPG coffee girl, Arlyn. Cutesy photos of said proposal can be found on Lester’s Flickr site. 🙂

Congrats guys!!

Lester + Arlyn engaged

– Ciesther