DCPG just got back from a quick road trip up North to catch the Ed Pierce seminar (which was great, btw) and hang out w/ friends. It was a nice break in general and also it was good bonding time, especially since the 3 of us are rarely all together.

I’ve been working hard on building a portfolio and marketing strategy for a new photography division that is specifically devoted to women. I won’t say much more, other than it’s called Malaya by DCPG and I’m really excited about it. Stay tuned on that one. Lester is talking about starting a division devoted to automotive photography, which I’d love to see because he’s so great at those:


Photoshoot-wise, I recently had the honor of photographing Christine Gambito, whom if you’re Filipino and/or are familiar with the YouTube, probably know and love as HappySlip. She was so easy to work with and even nicer and funnier in person. I wrote about it more in detail on my blog, but here is our unanimous favorite from the shoot:

Vanity Fair

Happy belated birthday to the “anti-birth control” baby, Alexandra, who turned one recently šŸ™‚ Photo by Lester:

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Speaking of firsts, Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to several of our clients:

Ritchelle + Beaver (extra congrats on brand new baby Ella!!)
Jared + Susie (and advanced congrats on their any-day-now baby girl!)
Kristin + Sonny

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since those weddings, which we incidentally shot back to back. What a crazy, but fun, month!

That’s all for now and I promise I won’t go too long without an update again. I’ll leave you with our first official DCPG partner photo. We (obviously) love what we do!

– Ciesther (aka the small one on the right)