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We were busy bees this month…. Lester was all over the West Coast this month, racking up frequent flyer miles as well as taking thousands of photos. Here’s a super awesome panoramic shoot of Downtown Seattle he did. Click on the pic to see its full-size glory:

I did two shoots this month for the Malaya division — First up was Aliza. You may remember her face from last year as Lester did some outdoor headshots for her modeling portfolio. I wanted to take a crack at her in a studio setting, so I emailed her and had her come in. We managed to plow through several different looks and had a blast. Here’s my fave of the shoot:

I have been literally dying to get out of the studio and do a nice outdoor shoot, so when the weather was nice last Friday I co-erced DCPG Junior (aka Rina + Zernan) to do couples portraits at a local park. It was so nice to finally take natural light photos and Ri + Zern are so freakin cute together:



walk in the park

Also, quick welcome to Stephanie, who joined the Malaya styling team (which up until then consisted of just Rina. haha) bringing her awesome hairstyling skills with her. She did the hair for Aliza’s shoot and incidentally is the person who cut my hair as well. Thanks, Steph!

Malaya styling team

I know you read the title of this post and were like, what does any of this have to do with Jabbawockeez?? Read on… DCPG is a Goodwill Sponsor for an upcoming local hiphop dance competition, hosted by Str8 Hiphop Entertainment, LLC. Tricia, the event’s director, told me that Jabbawockeez (winners of America’s Best Dance Crew) will be making a guest appearance! Me and the boys can’t make it because we have a shoot scheduled in Richmond, but if you go (which you should!) be sure to say hello to Rina and Zernan, who will be covering the event in our place!


That’s it for now. We’re off to the Sandy Puc’ seminar tomorrow as well as shooting some interiors and exteriors for the Westin BWI while we’re there. No rest for the weary…

Preview for June:

Winston + Hazel’s engagement shoot
Exterior Retail shoots
Happy birthday to Cordie!
Malaya Mania: Sam, Jennibeth, Elaine + Paulyn (aka the Boo Shoot)
My birthday!

– Ciesther


It’s literally raining babies from our clients and friends. Just wanted to do a quick shoutout to all the new and to-be parents!

Jared + Susie, congrats on brand new baby Anna! She’s beautiful and what great timing to have her born right after Mothers Day!

Ritchelle + Beaver, congrats on Ella Rae! I love that name and what a perfect addition to spend your first anniversary with 🙂

Virginia + Justin, I’m soo excited to see that my little Virginia will become a mom! Good job on not wasting any time after the wedding….hehehe. You two will make wonderful parents.

Jaydee + Brian, congrats in advance for baby Noah’s baptism this weekend! We love our DCPG nephew!!!

Belated congrats to MJ + Arnold on baby Maddie who recently turned 9 months old!

The babymaking doesnt end on the east coast. Got to give love to my Seattle girls:

Malyng + Marv – congrats on #3, fertile myrtles! Marlee is such a cute girls name.
Leo, Leila and Aileen + spouses – that is soo hilarious that you all got pregnant at the same time! Playdates definitely won’t be an issue haha. Enjoy your babies this late summer/fall!

Speaking of babies, Mendell, Rina and I will be attending Sandy Puc’ Bellies & Babies seminar later this month at the Westin BWI, which, incidentally, is the same hotel that houses Luminous – the restaurant that Mendell designed a website for. I’m really looking forward to that as I definitely want to expand into maternity and newborn photography.

On a semi-related note (well at least wedding-wise), we didn’t mention it in previous blogs, but I want to give some love to my DCPG partner and bro-in-law Lester who recently became engaged to his awesome girl, nurse extraordinaire and DCPG coffee girl, Arlyn. Cutesy photos of said proposal can be found on Lester’s Flickr site. 🙂

Congrats guys!!

Lester + Arlyn engaged

– Ciesther

DCPG just got back from a quick road trip up North to catch the Ed Pierce seminar (which was great, btw) and hang out w/ friends. It was a nice break in general and also it was good bonding time, especially since the 3 of us are rarely all together.

I’ve been working hard on building a portfolio and marketing strategy for a new photography division that is specifically devoted to women. I won’t say much more, other than it’s called Malaya by DCPG and I’m really excited about it. Stay tuned on that one. Lester is talking about starting a division devoted to automotive photography, which I’d love to see because he’s so great at those:


Photoshoot-wise, I recently had the honor of photographing Christine Gambito, whom if you’re Filipino and/or are familiar with the YouTube, probably know and love as HappySlip. She was so easy to work with and even nicer and funnier in person. I wrote about it more in detail on my blog, but here is our unanimous favorite from the shoot:

Vanity Fair

Happy belated birthday to the “anti-birth control” baby, Alexandra, who turned one recently 🙂 Photo by Lester:

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Speaking of firsts, Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to several of our clients:

Ritchelle + Beaver (extra congrats on brand new baby Ella!!)
Jared + Susie (and advanced congrats on their any-day-now baby girl!)
Kristin + Sonny

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since those weddings, which we incidentally shot back to back. What a crazy, but fun, month!

That’s all for now and I promise I won’t go too long without an update again. I’ll leave you with our first official DCPG partner photo. We (obviously) love what we do!

– Ciesther (aka the small one on the right)