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I know we don’t give our design jobs much promotion on the blog and because of that, people either forget or have no clue that we are print and web designers.  Mendell recently created an awesome resume site which displays his best work.  Since he is the main designer for DCPG, this is a good place to go if you’re looking to see our web and print work.   He also built the entire site himself, doing all the coding as well as layout and design.

While you’re at it, take a looksie at Lester’s portfolio site too.  It showcases a lot of his older portrait work, but also some shoots that we haven’t featured here such as product and car photography:


I usually don’t post so many photos on the blog of one wedding, but there were just too many good ones.   I was unfortunately unable to attend, but Courtney and Cameron look great, the wedding/reception really looked like a fun time and to top it off they were blessed with a break from the heatwave.

Courtney sent us a very sweet message a few days post-wedding:

“…What a wonderful time we had this weekend and truly appreciate your hard work! We enjoyed having you as a part of our wedding celebration and can’t wait to see the photos. Everyone was very impressed with you and my mom commented on how great it was to work with you all. If I can do anything to help spread the word about DCPG, please let me know!

Thanks again for everything –

All photos by Lester and Mendell:

In a stroke of bad luck, Mendell and Lester found this surprise waiting for them when they returned to the car that evening.  A guest later told them the ball whizzed by her head (presumably en route to striking our windshield).  If anything, we’re glad the ball hit the car and not the wedding guest!  Our line of work is always an adventure 🙂

Lester’s shoot for aspiring model Aliza:

P.S.  And a very happy birthday to DCPG sister and mom-to-be Jaydee dela Cruz Racelis 🙂

We had the pleasure of spending the day w/ our ridiculously photogenic perpetual clients the Monton/Merchant family. Tanya agreed to host our first Portrait Party where we were able to take family photos plus a few photos of her friend’s daughter, the super cute baby Addison. After that wrapped up, I took Tanya’s little sister Sam out to Town Center for her senior portraits. How gorgeous are these people??

The Merchants – Tanya, Connor & James





P.S. We also did a lovely wedding this weekend with Courtney and Cameron. Pics will be up soon!

I’m totally excited about the new business card Mendell designed for us. Knowing him and his crazy never ending (but always awesome) ideas, he may change this. We’re still working on an “official” tagline so ignore the placeholder tagline. But I thought the design was pretty sweet and this is just one of many changes we are implementing over the next few months. Check the new logo!

It’s 2am and I’m still up?? The life of an entrepreneur….

– Ciesther