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We attended part of a wedding day (not all, due to family obligations) for one of our design clients, Rose and Ray. I love their story – they met when Rose was basically just a kid back in 1980 and became pen pals. They lost touch a few months after that and went on with their lives. 24 years later, Ray somehow tracks down Rose and by the next year they were in love and engaged. Their wedding was (to me anyway, it was a first for me) unique as they decided to hold it during the Pentecost Mass and share it w/ the whole congregation. Also, in lieu of being escorted by parents, etc Rose and Ray walked down the aisle together at the processional, which I thought was really sweet.

We didn’t do any photography work for them, so I don’t have their wedding photos, but above is a mini-collage we designed for them for their centerpieces. They also had one of the loveliest wedding vows I’ve ever seen and I liked them so much I have to post it:

“…I do profess to you [Ray/Rose] to be my spouse, my best friend, my partner, my soul mate, my Jesus on earth, true gift from God above. All that I am is yours. I do belong to you. It is written in Heaven, never to be erased or changed. Everything may pass away, but Love and His Word will last forever…not even death will do us part. I love you, I cherish you, I honor you, I revere you all the days of my life and through eternity…I am forever yours…”

I love weddings! Congrats Rose and Ray! 🙂

– Ciesther


Apologies for the late blog, business has been ramping up over here at DCPG!   We recently shot Jared and Susie’s wedding in Richmond on a beautiful sunny Saturday.  Lester and I were pinch hitters that day, filling in for Mendell who developed strep throat the night before and was doctor-ordered not to work.   It was a very sweet and casual wedding with one of the happiest couples I’ve seen so far.

The slideshow recap of their wedding day: