Spring is here and in that spirit DCPG is in a flurry of changes and rebuilding. There are a lot of exciting things coming up for us in the next few months:

New Wedding Packages. We have updated our wedding packages and are in the midst of adding addition of an alternative “build your own package” pricing for more customization and ease for our clients. I expect to be rolling that out within the next week.

New Website! Mendell and a Flash designer friend Darius are hard at work designing the official DCPG website, which I assure you will be awesome because their talent combined has made for some really great sites in the past. The new website should make its debut before the summertime.

New Faces. We’ve recruited some fellow designers and photographers to take on some projects under our name. We’re not only excited that an increase in work necessitated a need for new hires, but also that we get to give our very talented friends a chance to show their skills.

New Name and Logo. When our new website launches, you’ll notice that we have rebranded the company from DelaCruz PhotoGraphics to DCPG Photography + Design. The reasons for this are 1) I don’t want our new hires and contractors to be faceless; the new company name signifies that we are collective, we all work hard; not just the owners/partners 2) There are some who don’t realize that PhotoGraphics meant that we do both Photos and Graphics. We figured to just be more clear with Photography + Design 🙂

We plan on celebrating all this newness with a big launch party sometime in the summer. It’s going to be a lot of fun w/ print and album displays, a “live” photo booth and other goodies. We look forward to being able mingle w/ all our current and past clients, have a great time, and just introduce ourselves to the community officially.

Stay tuned!